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About Stevi

Stevi Christine, a trusted beauty advisor, a makeup and eyebrow artist, and a beauty brand consultant for over a decade now.  A Southern California native, which is where her heart is yet a lot of her inspiration, motivation and love, is derived in New York City.  Thankfully, you can find her on both coasts.  With her attention to detail, passion for learning, determination in life and of course her love of people have given her endless opportunities to continue to grow in the beauty industry.

At a very young age Stevi hoped she’d end up in the beauty and/or fashion industry. In her teenage years she collected fashion magazines that inspired her to create an inspiration ‘wall paper’ throughout her bedroom (there wasn’t one empty space in her bedroom wall).
Luckily for Stevi, while attending college, she landed a job working for Laura Mercier, one of her personal favorite Makeup Artist. During this time her love grew and Stevi learned the art of makeup and it's many facets.  While working for Laura Mericer she met a wonderful colleague that later on introduced her into the life of film, working on music videos, commercials, photoshoots and some indi-films. And has naturally continued to grow with the industry.
She listened to the needs of her clients, friends and family, and decided there was a missing gap in the Cruelty-Free, healthy 'cleaner' cosmetic industry.  The missing gap needed to be filled, an eyebrow line that can be healthy cosmetics, produce long lasting results and be luxurious.  And that is when Naturally by Stevi Christine was created.

Beyond beauty and fashion Stevi enjoys traveling and has the opportunities to do so for work.  It is these journey's/opportunities that have provided culture, lessons and of course have added to her vision of beauty and fashion. She hopes she can continue to travel and learn more about different cultures.

Stevi, of Latin heritage, naturally has a strong connection to music and dancing, "it brings people together, she says” She loves the art of cooking and being around family and friends. She also loves pilates, hot yoga and has a new found respect for the art of boxing (the boxing workout).