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Do you tweeze your eyebrows on a regular basis? Or you would not DARE till you saw a professional. Or are you like me? And you rarely tweeze. If you are tweezing everyday, please STOP. Let your eyebrow hairs try to get on a similar 'cycle' meaning if you leave them alone they can all possibly grow in a natural growth pattern, which is what you want. A client of mine, would NEVER dare to stop tweezing because she's Persian and in her culture she was used to getting her eyebrows done every 2-3 weeks and maintaining in between. Now its every 5-6 weeks.


Five tips that can prevent you from making common mistakes.


                             No. 1

                     FILL BEFORE YOU SHAPE

I suggest lightly filling in the eyebrows before you groom, yet that might sound counter intuitive, right?  My theory is that if you tweeze your eyebrows at the most natural 'thinnest' state you have a higher chance of over tweezing. Therefore filling in your eyebrows before ensures less tweezing leaving you with fuller brows. 


                             No. 2

                                TWEEZE ONE HAIR AT A TIME 

It sounds tedious and it is, don't forget its your face we're framing. So Tweeze ONLY HAIRS you KNOW do not need/belong, if at any moment during grooming you ask yourself “should I take this ONE SINGLE HAIR” the answer is NO don't tweeze it, play it safe.


                             No. 3 

                            NO TWO EYEBROWS ARE IDENTICAL

DON’T compare the two brows. Meaning during grooming DO NOT go back and forth to each brow. DO a light clean up per eyebrow thereafter TAKE A STEP AWAY FROM THE MIRROR to get an over all image of your face, eye shape, etc. Keeping in mind they're not identical. Keeping an overall perspective is best. And we all have our "good side."


                             No. 4

                            TAKE A STEP BACK FROM THE MIRROR

After stepping back you may think that was enough for your eyebrow shaping, if so move to the next step. If you feel your brows need a slight “lift” arch lets be VERY precise as this is something that needs to be taken hair by hair and stepping back, brush up and over and remember less is MORE. Don't forget if you are unsure, leave it. As far as tweezing above the brows, I'm not against it. Especially if you have a smaller forhead and a bold brow, you can get lost and your eyebrows (in my opinion) would over power your face as if your eyebrows walk into a room before you. We prefer the brows to compliment not over power your face.


                             No. 5 

                                  TRIMMING YOUR EYEBROWS 

For those of you daring enough or NEED to trim you eyebrows, again, same technique hair by hair… don’t want that chopped, I refer to as a Marine haircut gone wrong look, you know what I’m talking about…or worst you can create holes/gaps in your eyebrows if you cut too short, again less is more. And ONE by ONE. Following same technique of stepping back.


To finish the look use a spoolie ie; eyebrow brush to brush through the brows, done...naturally


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